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HBDI Thinking Preference Profile

An important assumption in working with the HBDI is that the physical brain is always functioning in all perspectives (blue, green, red and yellow) to various degrees. We can't prevent that from happening.

Therefore, we are multi-dimensional human beings, even though we sometimes perceive ourselves and each other to be one-dimensional. If we believe that we are one-dimensional, it's likely to limit our creativity, effectiveness and life satisfaction.

The HBDI helps us become more aware of the multi-dimensional nature of our thinking and capabilities. It also helps us more fully understand the multi-dimensional aspects of the issues and opportunities in our work and personal lives.

HBDI Thinking Preference Profile

The HBDI helps us understand:

  • Communication styles and why communications in a group or with clients are effective or not.
  • The influence of Thinking Preferences on the kinds of words and images that people choose to use and how they organize and communicate them.
  • How a person can feel irritated, impatient and frustrated when they are communicated to in a style that is different than their preferences.
  • Why people make negative judgments about the communicator and the content in the communications when the communication style is different than their preferences.
  • How to be flexible in the way we're communicating rather than say the same thing over again, only louder.
  • That most teams are mentally diverse. When people value mental diversity and differences they are likely to be more effective and creative because they complement each other. When people believe that differences are a problem and need to be eliminated from the organization, there's more likely to be conflict.

Strategic and Business Thinking Model - The HBDI profile is also the basis for this excellent tool for making sure that all aspects of strategy development, planning and relationships get full consideration. It helps people develop the flexibility skills to purposely think and function outside their usual "box" of perspectives.

Strategic and Business Thinking Model

Try this activity:

1. Think of a project that you're now, or soon will be, involved with.

2. Identify three of the most important issues from each of the color perspectives. Start with the blue words and use them to stimulate ideas. Be specific. Write them in the chart below.

3. Then go to red, yellow and finally the green words. Be specific.

4. Did you identify any issues that you may not have sufficiently considered?

5. Did you find it difficult or uncomfortable to think in one of the color perspectives? That might be a clue to your lowest area of Thinking Preferences, an area that is often neglected by many people.

6. Repeat the same steps, but this time ask the question "What can go wrong?"

Thinking Project Activity



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